"I was introduced to Ruben in early 2017 when my organization went through a re-branding and digital experience transformation initiative. He was the creative mastermind behind our new branding and web presence, and I cannot give high enough praise to do him justice. He was incredible to work with, quick to respond to any questions, always willing and adapt and was most importantly able to create a brand package with which I could not be happier. He is one of the few people whose work caused legitimate awe inspired speechlessness when he unveiled our logo."
Michael Post
Founder/Chief Solution Architect | Protostar
"I had the pleasure of working under Ruben when he was in the role of creative director at Saxum. His mix of strategic thought, aesthetic affinity, and cultural aptitude make him a remarkable creative visionary. His quest for greatness is only matched by his own commitment to humility. His earnest enthusiasm inspires followers. Add to all of this his shockingly superior technical skills, and you have, really, a singular figure. I can think of no one who is as complete a package as Ruben Cabrera."
Nick Sayre
Web Developer & Programmer | University of Kansas
"Weston Ryder had the pleasure of working with Mr. Cabrera while creating the
brand for Weston Ryder. He is a good Christian man that brings a dynamic of
creativity and out of the box thinking. He provided excellent communication to
explain the thought process of building a brand that provided a positive outlook.
Everything Ruben was tasked with was completed on time and with the highest
standards. He did an amazing job bringing Weston Ryder to life.
In addition to working with Mr. Cabrera on creating the WR brand we also worked
with him as a filmmaker. As soon as Ruben walked onto the set the strategy and
energy changed. He truly has a gift of bringing people and visions together. We
would highly recommend working with Ruben J. Cabrera when looking for a new
creative direction within your business."
Jerid Hunt
Founder/Owner | Weston Ryder
"Ruben's ability and experience speaks for itself. It doesn't take more than a few seconds on his portfolio to understand that the man knows what he is doing. But what is not so easily communicated through a portfolio is his intense ability to lead. He fought for me at our company and then he helped me earn my place there. Beautiful work is no substitute for lack of character, an all too common combination in the creative world, but Ruben Cabrera excels at both. I hope I'm fortunate enough to work with him again some day."
Wesley Holmes
Designer & Editorial Photographer
"Working with Ruben on my brand & logo was such a great experience. His professionalism and knowledge in this space made the process seamless for me. It was exciting to see my thoughts, goals, plan, and even my personality come to life in the logo he created. I'm thankful for his hard work in establishing a logo that is a perfect representation of me and TheMurrayGroup.  I look forward to working with him again!"
Kelly Murray
Founder | The Murray Group
"It wasn’t long after I met Ruben that we started using him for some post production. I then DP’d a project he directed and it became clear that any project is better if he is involved. What’s wild is that he does so many things well, the best of which is being humble and fun to work with."
Aiden Franklin
Founder/Cinematographer | Image Alive
"It was a pleasure working with Ruben. He took our vision of the company and the culture we were striving for and created a unique and creative visual identity that we will be proud to use throughout our organization’s lifetime. He was highly communicative, eager to go the extra mile to ensure we received exactly what we were looking for, and always met deadlines for project milestones.  We would not hesitate to seek Ruben’s assistance for future graphic projects, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a visual identity for their own company."
Dr. Sandra Terrell and Dr. Ivanna Terrell
Founders | Ultimate College Consultants
"Ruben has a talent for maximizing the smallest details that elevate projects to a whole level of impact. His work stands the test of time and stands out from the crowd. He approaches work thoughtfully, respectfully, and passionately and applies that same approach to those he works with/his clients."
Jessica Robbins
Creative Director | Saxum

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